Monster Apocalypse

Ash & Stone (Monster Apocalypse 1)

Ash & Stone (Monster Apocalypse 1) by Alexa Piper $4.99

Horned and handsome Inkiri is not the monster Rory expected, but he is the one Rory gets.

Magic & Home (Monster Apocalypse 2)

Magic & Home (Monster Apocalypse 2) by Alexa Piper $4.99

Whisked away to a strange world, Rory finds himself drawn closer to Inkiri even as a threat gathers.

Blood & Fate (Monster Apocalypse 3)

Blood & Fate (Monster Apocalypse 3) by Alexa Piper $4.99

Will Rory learn to accept his magic with his fated mate’s help and the support of his found family?...

Rory & Ink (Monster Apocalypse 4)

Rory & Ink (Monster Apocalypse 4) by Alexa Piper $4.99

Rory, normally a peaceful magical twink, will stand up for his world, monster husband, and family.