Tales of Moonspell (Print) (Moonspell 2)

Tales of Moonspell (Print) Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance by Jessica Coulter Smith $17.95

Four women find the mates of their hearts as wolves battle vampires for control of Moonspell.

Memphis Heat (Print) (Memphis Heat 6)

Memphis Heat (Print) by Marteeka Karland andShelby Morgen $10.95

When the final takedown comes, there will only be one Alpha standing.

Forbidden (Print) (Forbidden 6)

Forbidden (Print) by Marteeka Karland $15.95

Sometimes the heart takes you places you never thought you'd dare to travel.

Neko (Print) (Neko 6)

Neko (Print) by Ana Raine $15.95

Collin has loved Adrian for over a decade but can he trust his future to the Prince of the Demons?

Intergalactic Loyalties (Print) (Intergalactic Affairs (Print) 1)

Intergalactic Loyalties (Print) An Intergalactic Alien Encounters Romance by Jessica Coulter Smith $15.95

Four aliens battle Intergalactic politics to rescue the Earth women destined to become their mates.

Redemption (Print)

Redemption (Print) by Shelby Morgen $13.95

Her love may be his only redemption...

Driven to the Limit (Print) (Mannhof 7)

Driven to the Limit (Print) by Alice Gaines $11.95

Mannhof. The motorcycle of her dreams -- is also the man of her dreams.

Cardboard Hero with Wild Geese (Print)

Cardboard Hero with Wild Geese (Print) by Shelby Morgen $10.95

Tory's falling in love with her hero -- she's just not sure which one.

Aurora (Print) (Aurora 6)

Aurora (Print) by Ashlynn Monroe $12.95

Prince of the Stars DeMarcus Le'JeMur owes Tasmin his life. Will she choose him or return to Earth?

Mercenaries (Print) (Mercenaries 6)

Mercenaries (Print) by Anne Kane $12.95

Kaeden and his band of mercenaries will do whatever it takes to keep the women they love safe!

Way of the Wolf (Print) (The Northlanders 1)

Way of the Wolf (Print) (The Northlanders 1) by Shelby Morgen $15.95

The shape-shifting women of the Clan of the Wolf fight for their very survival...

Weapons of Redemption (Print) (Weapons of Redemption 7)

Weapons of Redemption (Print) A Pandemonium Urban Fantasy Romance by Saloni Quinby $15.95

In a seedy underworld of sex and violence five men plot to destroy the monster who enslaved them.

Hoosier Werewolves (Print) (Hoosier Werewolves 5)

Hoosier Werewolves (Print) by Kate Steele $12.95

For Ethan, Dustin and Nick, werewolves are all too real. The family tree is about to get furry.

Witches and Wolves (Print) (Witches and Wolves 6)

Witches and Wolves (Print) A Pandemonium Urban Fantasy Romance by Saloni Quinby $16.95

Witches, warriors and werewolves longing for love battle demons bent on taking over the world.

Shifting Priorities (Print) (Shifting Priorities 5)

Shifting Priorities (Print) by Anne Kane $10.95

Amid deep space disasters, four legendary Imperial were-panthers find their bond-mates...

Glow (Print) (Glow 9)

Glow (Print) by Megan Slayer $16.95

The band Glow has more than a little paranormal element to its image. Meet the guys in the band...

Song of the Bear (Print) (The Northlanders 2)

Song of the Bear (Print) (The Northlanders 2) by Shelby Morgen $16.95

Together they share a vision for freedom that will not be held captive...

Dragon's Own (Print) (Dragon's Own 5)

Dragon's Own (Print) by Willa Okati $11.95

Four humans find their lives are not complete without their dragon mates.

Desire Island (Print)

Desire Island (Print) by Shelby Morgen andStephanie Burke $15.95

Desire Island -- a gateway to the heart's deepest desire, to passion's heat, to love.

Badlands (Print) (Badlands 6)

Badlands (Print) by Marteeka Karland andShara Azod $15.95

In space no one can hear you scream. In the Badlands you can scream all you want-no one gives a damn

Raven's Crew (Print) (Raven's Crew 4)

Raven's Crew (Print) by Ashlynn Monroe $10.95

Telepathy sucks when your lover's nemesis is digging in your brain and picking apart your memories.

Intergalactic Brides Vol. 1 (Print) (Intergalactic Brides Print 1)

Intergalactic Brides Vol. 1 (Print) An Intergalactic Alien Encounters Romance by Jessica Coulter Smith $14.95

Three desperate women search for their futures in the arms of an alien.

Feasts of Fortune (Print) (Feasts of Fortune 4)

Feasts of Fortune (Print) by Kate Steele $11.95

At Mausoleum a human freely offering blood is a nightly event. Toby is about to learn his true worth ...

Challenges (Print) (Challenges 8)

Challenges (Print) by Megan Slayer $8.95

Seven women. Seven Challenges. What each woman gets is beyond her wildest dreams.

Birds of Prey (Print) (Birds of Prey 4)

Birds of Prey (Print) by Willa Okati $9.95

Fidelity. Loyalty. Passion. Beauty. Flight.

Wolfman (Print) (Wolfman 6)

Wolfman (Print) by Brannan Black $18.95

Captured by vicious wolfmen, I expected a quick death. Or a slow painful one. They had other ideas.

Stargazers (Print) (Stargazers 6)

Stargazers (Print) by Anne Kane $13.95

Five stargazers defy the odds and find love and adventure as they travel across the galaxy.

How Not To Date Vol. 1 (Print) (How Not To Print Editions 1)

How Not To Date Vol. 1 (Print) by Stephanie Burke $17.95

Nothing about dating is easy-especially when humans, shifters, vampires, Fae and aliens are involved....

Political Expediency (Print) (Political Expediency 4)

Political Expediency (Print) by Mikala Ash $15.95

Politics is a dog eat dog business, particularly when werewolves are involved.

How Not To Date Vol. 2 (Print) (How Not To Print Editions 2)

How Not To Date Vol. 2 (Print) by Stephanie Burke $15.95

Nothing about dating is easy, especially when aliens, humans, shifters and changelings are involved.

Bonds of the Malerí (Print) (Bonds of the Malerí 7)

Bonds of the Malerí (Print) by Kate Steele $13.95

The Malerí's empathetic gift is also their curse -- and a mate is their only salvation.

The Game (Print)

The Game (Print) by Willa Okati $15.95

Clay wants an in with Seth. Seth wants an out from his ex. It's all about how you play the game.

Star City Crusaders (Print) (Star City Crusaders 5)

Star City Crusaders (Print) by Ashlynn Monroe $8.95

Can Kory convince her dark lover to switch teams before he destroys himself from the inside out?

Haven House Vampires (Print) (Haven House Vampires 5)

Haven House Vampires (Print) by Megan Slayer $10.95

Vampires and humans don't mix, no matter what fate says. Good thing Vampires make their own rules...

Romance in Moonspell (Print) (Moonspell 4)

Romance in Moonspell (Print) Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance by Jessica Coulter Smith $16.95

Werewolves, fairies, and dragons may not mix in the animal kingdom, but Moonspell is haven to all

The Mighty Casey (Print)

The Mighty Casey (Print) by Willa Okati $12.95

Nate takes his lover out to the ball game. Who knows what might happen when Casey’s up at bat?

Dragons and Dreams (Print) (Agency of Extraordinary Mates 22)

Dragons and Dreams (Print) by Kate Douglas $10.95

What do you get with islands, dragons, handcuffs and a few silk scarves? Love and a lot of hot sex!

Jack-O-Lanterns (Print) (Jack-O-Lanterns 13)

Jack-O-Lanterns (Print) by Ana Raine andAshlynn Monroe $11.95

Halloween nightmares & flying broomsticks... It's All Hallows' Eve and you can't stop the party!

Soul Familiar (Print) (Soul Familiar 5)

Soul Familiar (Print) by Kate Steele $13.95

Alex, a soul familiar, has the solution to Tyler's problem. All he wants in exchange is Tyler...

Venom/Torch Duet (Print) (Dixie Reapers MC Print 1)

Venom/Torch Duet (Print) A Dixie Reapers Bad Boys Romance by Harley Wylde $12.95

One fucking look. That's all it took. I branded her. I let her go. Now she's back, and she's mine.