Red/Demon's Little Lamb Duet (Print)

Red/Demon's Little Lamb Duet (Print) (Bones MC Print 10)

Author: Marteeka Karland

Cover Art: Marteeka Karland

BIN: 010345-03360

ISBN (13): 9781605218267

Genres: Action Adventure, Contemporary Women’s Fiction, Print, Romance, Suspense

Themes: Age Gap (Older Man), MC Romance, New Adult, Organized Crime

Series: Bones MC Print (#10)

Multiverse: Bones MC (#5)

Book Length: Print

Page Count: 300

Price: $16.95

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Danger. Betrayal. Family. I’d kill to protect her. And from the looks of things, I may have to.

Red (Salvation’s Bane MC 9)
I need Red to see me as more than just another mechanic. I’m a grown-ass woman, and I know my mind. And if that bitch of an ex of his doesn’t leave us alone, she’s the next thing I’m gonna break.

Red: Rosanna knows her way around cars, I’ll give her that, and she’s sexy as hell with a wrench in her hands, and she may think she’s all grown up, but she’s younger than my son -- the assistant DA. Anthony’s got a bee up his ass to take me down, and I’ll be damned if I’ll let him take Rosanna with me.

Demon’s Little Lamb (Shadow Demons 2)
Azriel knows the sexy college grad he’s hired may be in bed with an enemy trying to takeover Argent Tech, the company he and his brothers built as a cover for their underground activities. Now Azriel and the Shadow Demons are about to stage a takeover of their own. Of the permanent kind.

After graduation, Lamb’s excited to start her new internship at Argent Tech. First she takes a short break in the Keys, where she meets a wealthy businessman on vacation. They hit it off both in bed and out -- until she finds out he’s married. Instead of a jealous wife, she has one of Argent Tech’s owners after her. Had she known the stakes, Lamb wouldn’t have bet her heart. Now all she can do is believe in her Shadow Demon…

Praise for Red (Salvation's Bane MC 9)

"Rosie is exactly what Red needs, if only he'd let himself love her. She's sweet, sassy, and smart. Once I started reading, I couldn't put it down. Watching a big, tough guy like Red fall is always delightful. You know what they say... the bigger they are, the harder they fall ... and boy does he fall for Rosie!"

-- 5 Stars from Books+Coffee=Happiness via Goodreads

"Ms. Karland is a fabulous writer and I enjoy her MC romances. Rosanna was a perfectly balanced character who knew when to stand up and when to step back, and she fought harder than anyone to preserve herself and love her man at the same time. I enjoyed the wonderful writing and the newest chapter of Salvations Bane story."

-- 4 Cups from Delane, Coffee Time Romance & More

"Deliciously sinful, seductively sensual and thrilling ride to go on. Rosanna and Red are perfectly matched. She’s the sass to his gruff, the wittiness to his stubbornness and the bright light he never knew he needed. Their road is definitely rocky but their destination is simply beautiful. I was captivated from the beginning of this story, it kept me on my toes, made me laugh, I even shed some tears but overall I enjoyed every single moment. Can’t wait to see what comes next."

-- 5 Stars from Andrea Fernandez, Goodreads Review

"I loved Rosie and Red together! She's feisty and is determined to get Red... all [good] things happen to those who are determined to get what they want."

-- 5 Stars from Tanya, Goodreads Review

"I loved this book and I recommend it! The characters are powerful, and readers will be in for a few surprises."

-- 4 Stars from Krystinna Collett, Goodreads Review

"This was a great read and a fab addition to the series. Gruff and stubborn Red certainly met his match in sassy, determined, Rosanna. Dive into this exciting and steamy read to see how it all unfolds."

-- 5 Stars from Lisa Bing, Goodreads Review

"Absolutely enjoyed reading this. 5 plus stars for a very entertaining story."

-- 5 Stars from Maureen, Goodreads Review

"This book is a great addition to this series of books. Great plot and characters along with action and emotion ups and downs. Looking forward to the next book in this series."

-- 5 Stars from Carol Roll, Goodreads Review

"Whew, this one is RED hot!!! Steamy and full of feels. I love Rosie and that she's a mechanic. That's exponentially cool! And the dynamic between her and Red ... all thunder and lightning! Cataclysmic... oh yeah!"

-- 5 Stars from DeeAnna, Goodreads Review

"I loved Rosanna & Red. I love age gap stories because I totally have a thing for older men. I love seeing all our old friends and always get a kick out of El Diablo making waves."

-- 5 Stars from Melissa, Goodreads Review

"Red and Rosanna draws you into this exciting story."

-- 5 Stars from Merry Jelks-Emmanuel, Goodreads Review

"Well written great addition to the series that has you hooked. A good story line that's action packed and desires filled!"

-- 5 Stars from Jenni, Goodreads Review

"Red is a great age gap read telling Red and Rosanna's story... and what a story it is... excitement, tragedy and a little humor. We also get a little glimpse of some of our favorites from Black Reign."

-- 5 Stars from G, Goodreads Review

Praise for Demon's Little Lamb (Shadow Demons 2)

"The author did a wonderful job of writing – even though the heroine doesn’t know everything the hero is thinking, she overhears things, or people share things with her that allow a reader to find out what they want to know without head hopping or telling. It’s through dialogue and observations made by the heroine. It’s a complete picture and I appreciated that... the tale is fascinating, the writing is tight where it needs to be and I enjoyed the sparks that fly between Azriel and Lamb."

-- Xeranthemum, Long & Short Reviews

"I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS READ.  Lamb and Azriel are a perfect couple once you get through the drama (that makes the book that much better).  There is intrigue, mystery, crazy men, hotness and such protective Alpha vibes that turn you on over and over.  I highly recommend this read! Run and click on buy ASAP."

-- 5 Stars from Tasha S., BookBub Review

"I loved the second book in the Shadow Demons series.  Lamb is awesome because she had to navigate men who lied in the hi-tech world where there are secrets & lies all around!.  She makes Azriel work for it and love does conquer all.  I can’t wait for the woman that takes El Diablo down! "

-- 5 Stars from Mbtoner8, BookBub Review

"The story took off at full speed and I didn't want to put it down. My heart stayed clinched with anxiety for Lamb the entire ride. Buttery popcorn and Pringles sustained me throughout this fast-paced binge into the Shadow Demon's world. More, please!!"

-- 5 Stars from Dee_Annad, BookBub Review


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