Santa's Helpers

Zarakion's Tip (Santa's Helpers 1)

Zarakion's Tip (Santa's Helpers 1) by Ayla Ruse $2.99 Sale Price: $2.24

Delivery tips come in all shapes and sizes.

Mistletoe Mistakes (Santa's Helpers 3)

Mistletoe Mistakes (Santa's Helpers 3) by Jocelyn Michel $2.99 Sale Price: $2.24

Braving a blizzard, MJ drives to her mountain cabin. But there's a very sexy someone already there.

Aliens Stole the Frozen Turkey (Santa's Helpers 4)

Aliens Stole the Frozen Turkey (Santa's Helpers 4) by Ashlynn Monroe $2.99 Sale Price: $2.24

Betty Jean never expected to spend Christmas Eve with the sexiest circus ringmaster in the galaxy.

Epiphany (Santa's Helpers 5)

Epiphany (Santa's Helpers 5) by Mychael Black $2.99 Sale Price: $2.24

All it takes is a little kindness and a lot of action...