Siondalin O'Craig

Bee and Harp (Celtic Magic 1)

Bee and Harp (Celtic Magic 1) Midsummer's Eve by Siondalin O'Craig $3.99

Bee McBride makes two finds in New York - an ancient harp and an Irish harper. Can she save both?

Lantern Jack (Celtic Magic 2)

Lantern Jack (Celtic Magic 2) Halloween by Siondalin O'Craig $4.99

Can bartender Liam rescue Sharon and her cousins from being stuck forever in a Halloween fairy orgy?

Shoe Repair (Celtic Magic 3)

Shoe Repair (Celtic Magic 3) St. Patrick's Day by Siondalin O'Craig $3.99

Cat finds a little man to repair her shoes and tickle her desire. Too bad he’s cursed.

Giant's Garden (Celtic Magic 4)

Giant's Garden (Celtic Magic 4) Summer Solstice by Siondalin O'Craig $3.99

Penny Gallagher doesn’t believe in magic - until she sprouts wings in a Giant's Garden.

Antler and Bone (Celtic Magic 5)

Antler and Bone (Celtic Magic 5) Mabon -- Autumnal Equinox by Siondalin O'Craig $4.99

Libby McNulty must face down the demon hounds of the Wild Hunt or dissolve into the forest forever.