Christmas Cookie (Stocking Stuffers 3)

Christmas Cookie (Stocking Stuffers 3) by Elizabeth Jewell $2.99 Sale Price: $2.24

Everybody has their Christmas traditions -- even vampires.

Frost Bite (Christmas Cookies 4)

Frost Bite (Christmas Cookies 4) by Tuesday Morrigan $2.99 Sale Price: $2.24

Julian gets three days to prevent the death that never should have happened.

Sanctuary by Fire (Heat Strokes 6)

Sanctuary by Fire (Heat Strokes 6) by Hunter Raines $2.99

Can a scarred vampire find sanctuary in the arms of a human?

Sanguine Shadows

Sanguine Shadows by Willa Okati $3.99

This is where everything changes.

Weary Memories (Box Set)

Weary Memories (Box Set) by Elizabeth Jewell $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

Alex finds healing in the last place he would expect -- in the arms of his vampire boss, Liam.

Dark Callings (Dark Callings 8)

Dark Callings by Elizabeth Jewell $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

How much will Riordan sacrifice for the vampire he's come to love?

Beyond Boundaries (Bedtime Stories 2)

Beyond Boundaries (Bedtime Stories 2) by Hunter Raines $2.99

Bedtime Stories' webmaster Carter Roth has two great passions: his work, and his lover, Brody Mann.

The Dhampir

The Dhampir by Angela Knight $3.99

If he wants them to have a future, the vampire will have to find a way to banish her ghosts...

Silence (Dire Wolves 4)

Silence (Dire Wolves 4) by Lena Austin $4.99

"One funeral wasn't enough for you?" said the kidnapper's note.

Black Widow (Garou 1)

Black Widow (Garou 1) by Jonathan Wright $3.99

A woman who must kill to survive. A man who risks everything to win her submission. Perfect match?


MINE! by Marteeka Karland andShara Azod $2.99

Larissa has finally met the man of her dreams. Literally.

Christmas in the Zone (Sugarplums 6)

Christmas in the Zone (Sugarplums 6) by Isabella Jordan $2.99 Sale Price: $2.24

Two guys, two gals, and an aphrodisiac under the tree...

White Vampire (Garou 2)

White Vampire (Garou 2) by Jonathan Wright $3.99

Inhuman, immortal, virtually invulnerable, the White Vampire has risen -- and she has a plan.

Blitzened (Sugarplums 10)

Blitzened (Sugarplums 10) by Elizabeth Jewell $2.99 Sale Price: $2.24

Can a carton of eggnog and a bottle of rum kindle a dose of Christmas spirit between Nick and Ian?

Stranger Than Fiction

Stranger Than Fiction by Silvia Violet $2.99

Vivian's characters have often talked to her in the past, but never like this.


Revision by Silvia Violet $3.99

Niall has found his Companion, but will a dark wizard prevent him from staking his claim?

Shadowed Glass (Mirror, Mirror 3)

Shadowed Glass (Mirror, Mirror 3) by Elizabeth Jewell $2.99

Vampire Olav hasn't seen his lover, Rig, in centuries... until he looks in the Mirror.

Mine For Keeps (Mirror, Mirror 4)

Mine For Keeps (Mirror, Mirror 4) by Kate Hill $2.99

A trip through the mirror gives Ricky a chance to prevent his vampire lover's tragic death.

Carnal 2 (Carnal 2)

Carnal 2 by Kate Hill $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

In a world where vampires and werewolves rule, danger and passion abound.

Wild Ride (Box Set)

Wild Ride (Box Set) by Willa Okati $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

Time traveler, highwayman, beast, and storyteller -- it's going to be a wild ride.

Egyptian Lover (Egyptian Lover 4)

Egyptian Lover by Isabella Jordan $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

In the desert sands of Egypt, three lovers battle a maniacal curse. Only their love can save them.

Possession (Lionsblood 7)

Possession (Lionsblood 7) by Marteeka Karland $3.99

No one -- not human, not Vampsblood -- is going to come between Josette and her mates.

Edible Decadence

Edible Decadence by Mychael Black $2.99

Ingredients: 1 candy maker, 1 vampiric hunk, dust with a fine layer of powdered sugar. Enjoy.

Silver Iris (Box Set) (Silver Iris 5)

Silver Iris (Box Set) by Kate Hill $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

Sexy aliens take adventure to the limits.

Like The Stars (Trick or Treat 6)

Like The Stars (Trick or Treat 6) by Jonathan Wright $2.99

A vampire will seduce you with detached casualness, but a Lycan will fight to the death to keep you.

Sating the Lust God

Sating the Lust God by Kate Hill $3.99 Sale Price: $3.19

Will a mortal woman find the strength to love two such opposite mates -- and break their curse?

Slave to Lust

Slave to Lust by Mikala Ash $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

Katsumi Ryal has fled her arranged marriage. Adon promises her father he'll bring her back...

Mate Marks (Mate Marks 5)

Mate Marks by Kate Hill $5.99 Sale Price: $4.79

Mate marks spells bind destined mates. Those bound cannot resist their magical pull.

Carnal (Carnal 1)

Carnal by Kate Hill $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

No one, not even the Ruler of Vampires, can tame true alpha werewolves.

Aspectians (Aspectians 3)

Aspectians by Kate Hill $5.99 Sale Price: $4.79

Vampires and Sexy shapeshifters from the future battle for love in ancient worlds.

Breathe Me In (Crescent City 1)

Breathe Me In (Crescent City 1) by Lily Vega $3.99

Will John transform Nika into a vampire when he considers the consequences of immortality a curse?

Freedom Rising

Freedom Rising by Willa Okati $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

Silken knows pleasure comes at a cost. What price does freedom charge a man?

Tales of Moonspell (Print) (Moonspell 2)

Tales of Moonspell (Print) Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance by Jessica Coulter Smith $17.95

Four women find the mates of their hearts as wolves battle vampires for control of Moonspell.

Whispers (Box Set) (Whisper 5)

Whispers (Box Set) by Kate Hill $5.99 Sale Price: $4.79

In the small New England town called Whisper, paranormals and shifters find their one true love.

Immortal Heat

Immortal Heat by Kira Stone $5.99 Sale Price: $4.79

Three vampires battle the lives they left behind to build a future out of the ashes of their pasts.

Armored Hearts

Armored Hearts by Angela Knight $4.99

Captivity makes the heart grow kinkier.

Dinner for Three (Agency of Extraordinary Mates 7)

Dinner for Three (Agency of Extraordinary Mates 7) by Camille Anthony $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

Twin brothers cursed by a Sorcerer must find the one woman who completes them�

Screwed and Screwed Again Duet (Screwed 3)

Screwed and Screwed Again Duet by J. Hali Steele $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

When the new vampyre in town comes after P.I. Purple P. Rose, she's screwed, and screwed again.


Bonded by Elizabeth Jewell $2.99 Sale Price: $2.39

The only way Nick can protect Ian is to get a lot closer to the human than he ever intended...

Blood Slave (The Ageless 5)

Blood Slave by Brannan Black $5.99 Sale Price: $4.79

It's the twenty-first century. Who keeps slaves anymore? Other than really, really old vampires...