Rebecca York

Forged in Dreams (Demon Entanglements 1)

Forged in Dreams (Demon Entanglements 1) by Rebecca York $3.99

They can save the world, but only if they can forge a lasting bond of power -- and passion. ...

Killian Unbound (Unbound 1)

Killian Unbound (Unbound 1) by Rebecca York $4.99

Held prisoner in a high tower, he is invisible, yet he awakens her sensuality and captures her heart....

Gawain Unbound (Unbound 2)

Gawain Unbound (Unbound 2) by Rebecca York $4.99

She seduced him into a quest for revenge -- but will love become more important than retribution?

Harri Unbound (Unbound 3)

Harri Unbound (Unbound 3) by Rebecca York $4.99

Can a swashbuckling merchant and a pretty witch noblewoman rescue her sister from sadistic slavers?

Morgan Unbound (Unbound 4)

Morgan Unbound (Unbound 4) by Rebecca York $4.99

Once Morgan escapes, only one man could give her back her life -- Royce.

Marissa Unbound (Unbound 5)

Marissa Unbound (Unbound 5) by Rebecca York $4.99

Marissa has found her soldier love, but can they survive her brutal husband and his demon god?

Cameron Unbound (Unbound 6)

Cameron Unbound (Unbound 6) A Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel by Rebecca York $4.99

Can a beautiful psychic who has always been feared and distrusted let herself love at last?