Torri Heat

Nyctophilia (Darkling 1)

Nyctophilia (Darkling 1) by Torri Heat $4.99

Jasper’s a private investigator - and a werewolf. But he’s not the one Ava should be afraid of.

Caligo (Darkling 2)

Caligo (Darkling 2) by Torri Heat $4.99

Ava's slowly accepting her mate bond with Jasper. But will she be strong enough for what comes next?

Nighted (Darkling 3)

Nighted (Darkling 3) by Torri Heat $3.99

Jasper and Ava saved the pack, but now something new is after Ava.

Cimmerian (Darkling 4)

Cimmerian (Darkling 4) by Torri Heat $3.99

The Venators’ secrets are getting darker, but can Ava and Jasper’s love survive the truth?

Umbra (Darkling 5)

Umbra (Darkling 5) by Torri Heat $3.99

Wedding bells are ringing, but will a rival pack keep Jasper and Ava from making it down the aisle?

Darkling (Print) (Darkling 6)

Darkling (Print) by Torri Heat $19.95

Werewolves, witches, and weddings make for a deadly combination…

The Ruins (Demon Entanglements 6)

The Ruins (Demon Entanglements 6) by Torri Heat $3.99

Joelle may be a hot mess, but Luc is just plain hot. Too bad Luc’s a demon set on ending the world....

The Reckoning (Demon Entanglements 9)

The Reckoning (Demon Entanglements 9) by Torri Heat $3.99

Joelle isn't fighting her feelings for Luc anymore. But now she'll have to fight off all of hell.

The Remains (Demon Entanglements 10)

The Remains (Demon Entanglements 10) by Torri Heat $3.99 Sale Price: $2.99

Hell's coming and the Mares won't stop until they have Joelle. Good thing she has a new trick or two....

Gridlock (Revenge and Zombies 1)

Gridlock (Revenge and Zombies 1) by Torri Heat $3.99 Sale Price: $3.39

Tessa’s getting her revenge through the zombie virus, but all hell breaks loose when Rory is immune...

Deadlock (Revenge and Zombies 2)

Deadlock (Revenge and Zombies 2) A Sci-Fi Paranormal Women's Action Adventure Novella by Torri Heat $3.99 Sale Price: $3.39

Rory and Tessa team up to right their wrongs, but what if some things are just not meant to be?